Most Inspirational Good Night Quotes For Him

good night quotes for him
Life is made of moments; checkout the most beautiful So good night quotes for him forget the past, live the present and dream about the future.

No matter how vain, foolish and useless your form of love is … No matter how much the object of your love does not dream that you exist, or even be aware, but do not pay any attention … Just love, it is The purest human feeling.

Do not get lost in the corners of the illusion;
Dream and let dream, that to live the dream of the other is to cherish is to love;

It is much better to run than to tread.
It is much better to dream than to perform.
Dream and run
Perform and stop
We live phase

And when everything is going wrong … Raise your head to life, dream, run, persist, fight and especially “Believe”, because you have the capacity to make happen … For only the weak give up and the strong continue “Intact “.

So, take a look at the good night quotes for him and messages here and find the perfect one to send to your love and start the day off overflowing with love and romance!

Do not dream and do not cry for a love that never existed. Something only ends after it starts and if it just started in your head, well, you know what to do.

Dream high friend, but fight for what you believe, if it does not work out, expect to be anything in the future, being a worker is what matters.

Dreaming is the highest point of achievement. Think, believe, dream and accomplish.

“When you are away from her dream.
When you’re with her, living the dream.”

Be simple, dream high, with the most difficult things, be grateful to everything and everyone, laugh a lot, even the nonsense of life, there you will find that happiness can be anywhere, just know how to live …

“Feeding a dream is only worth it when we walk with attitude. Dream, but let it become real”

Live your dream, do not dream life

Dream, believe, think, fight, stand up and act. Just do not give up. Victory requires sweat and effort. The only thing that does not require effort is illusion. And in this world, they are all tired of deceiving themselves.

“Dreaming is good, dream more humbly that God chooses the best to become reality”

Dream, have great reasons to get up in the morning, believe in the strength of a new day, see the opportunities … simply live, but do not live just for living!

“” As a matter of daring
over yourself
By necessity
Play up
by not being afraid
Dream …. “”

“If you want to fly … unload the past and dream as if it were the first”.

” Believe in imponderable and unlikely
Dream of the impossible becoming real
Make the difficulties poetry
manage unforeseen nostalgically
Convey love and partnership. ”

” If you have a dream, dream to make it come true. ”

” Dream big and achieve the impossible. ”

Fight, even if the struggle is arduous, dream, even if dreams are impossible, believe me, even if you are skeptical to the point of not seeing that life is unique and it is not essay.

“Let me dream my dreams.
It equips me with your reality …”

“Dream the most beautiful dream you can, then when you wake up the dream is about to come true.”

Do not dream about the perfect person, when you find it, you will see that perfection is in almost everything that we do not dream …

If someone gives you a smile, smile. If the world offers you a dream, dream. Life is too short not to be lived ….

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Dream, live love,
Walk and look at your side
look upon and think
Just do not forget to remember
what you can always
look and dream to walk
Just give me your hand.

“Be simple.”
“Dream big.”
“Be grateful.”
“Laughed a lot.”

habeas corpus


But how?
Who denied my habeas corpus?

Dream, but not so loud, because upon waking the fall can be fatal.

Dream … with open eyes, free soul and hope on high!

dream …
only dream, come true, great!
If not, keep dreaming.

Our fears should never keep us from reaching our dreams. Dream what you want, go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and only have one chance to do what you want.

Those who pray before going to sleep, in peace, lie down and fall asleep. Dream the dreams of God, for sure they are better than yours. Do not be deceived: faith is not to find, that God will do everything you want. Faith is believing that He will do what is best for you.

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